Congo: Modular Front-End Web Development and Testing

Our contribution for taking a couple of steps forward in markup reusability and maintainability.


Congo is a set of tools for enhancing the layout process of complex web applications.

When designing web applications we combine basic standard elements such as text, links or form inputs, to produce custom Components such as navigation menus, shopping carts or products. So every bit of a web application is part of a Component.

These Components are meant to be used in different pages of the application. Moreover, some of them may vary according to the context. That is why an index of Components is so important, and the ability to show all the variations of a Component in a single window is Congo’s main asset. This allows anyone to apply changes to any part of the application and know instantly how this will impact across views.

Besides maintainability, Congo provides a good base for reusability, as each Component is isolated from the rest and can be easily exported and used in other projects.

Congo is NOT…

A web application framework. It is intended for front-end developers.



Currently based on PHP5.